Frost-Resistant Arena Surfaces for Winter Riding

As the winter months approach don’t let the weather hamper your riding and training at home. However, riding aside, the continuous cold does raise questions for surfacing your arena and will mean you’ll be searching for an arena surface that can stand up against adverse conditions. Equestrian Direct supply arena surfaces for all weather conditions, … Continued

How To Ensure Your Riding Surface is Weather Proof

A lot of time, thought and preparation goes into creating the best possible riding surface for you and your horses so it’s vital that you know how to keep it looking great and most importantly how to keep it weather proof. Prevention and maintenance is the key to keeping your riding surface in excellent condition, … Continued

Find the right arena surface to suit your riding style

There is more to building a good riding arena than meets the eye, it’s not just a case of fencing off an area and filling it with sand, a complicated science goes into making a safe, durable and consistent surface. Why go to all that expense? Because your horses training environment can greatly influence not … Continued