When choosing an arena surface, you need to consider a variety of factors to ensure it will fulfil your equestrian needs. We offer a choice of arena surfaces suited to a wide range of equestrian disciplines and personal budgets.



Flexiride® is the recognised all-in-one surface. We believe it to be the most economical and versatile surface available on the market to date.

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TurfFloat™, the same fibre as used at the World Equestrian Games and Olympics, combined with Equisilicasand, is the ultimate performance surface from Equestrian Direct.

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The basis of any good arena. Our range of top quality silica sands has been carefully sourced to give maximum hoof support. Ideal for use with our Turffloat™, Flexiride® and Equiride surfaces. Equisilicasand allows better compaction and is free-draining.

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Equestrian Direct offer several types of advanced synthetic rubber surfacing in the Equiride Range . There is an Equiride rubber to suit every discipline and every budget.

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The Ecoarena system developed by Equestrian Direct has revolutionised the arena market. Using equicushion and our exclusive equitex-drainsystem membrane.

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Equitex™ Membranes & Adhesives

Equestrian Direct are able to provide a range of woven and non-woven membranes, as well as our unique Equitex-drainsystem membrane for use in the Ecoarena system.

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Equitex Membranes & Adhesives

Membrane to reinforce

Equestrian Direct supply a wide range of woven and non-woven membranes, specifically for use in the construction of arenas and gallops.