Winter Competition -Terms & Conditions

Winter Competition Time This year we are offering you the chance to have your Equestrian Direct arena appear in our Horse & Hound January 2018 adverts for the month. What we need is for you to post an ACTION SHOT đź“· (flat work or jumping) on your Equestrian Direct surface on our Facebook page. It … Continued

Frost-Resistant Arena Surfaces for Winter Riding

As the winter months approach don’t let the weather hamper your riding and training at home. However, riding aside, the continuous cold does raise questions for surfacing your arena and will mean you’ll be searching for an arena surface that can stand up against adverse conditions. Equestrian Direct supply arena surfaces for all weather conditions, … Continued

How To Ensure Your Riding Surface is Weather Proof

A lot of time, thought and preparation goes into creating the best possible riding surface for you and your horses so it’s vital that you know how to keep it looking great and most importantly how to keep it weather proof. Prevention and maintenance is the key to keeping your riding surface in excellent condition, … Continued

Find the right arena surface to suit your riding style

There is more to building a good riding arena than meets the eye, it’s not just a case of fencing off an area and filling it with sand, a complicated science goes into making a safe, durable and consistent surface. Why go to all that expense? Because your horses training environment can greatly influence not … Continued

How to Properly Maintain Equine Arenas

As a responsible horse owner there should be one thing that is more important to you than anything else – your animal’s welfare. The proper maintenance of equine arenas is essential in ensuring that you safeguard against injury to the horse as well as enhance the longevity of the surface. At Equestrian Direct we can … Continued

Design an Equestrian Surface with Your Horses in Mind

When building an arena, choosing the right surface for your horse is vital. Here at Equestrian Direct we can help you choose and design the perfect equestrian surface for you and your horse. We are dedicated to providing quality riding surfaces to suit your requirements as well as your budget. So which surface is right … Continued

Choosing Cost Effective MĂ©nage Construction

When choosing a mĂ©nage surface for your arena, it’s important you get the right one, that most adequately suits the requirements of your property and is set up to be maintained. Not doing so can lead to costly up keep and further expenses down the line, which could have been avoided. There are many different … Continued

How to Construct the Best Looking Riding Arena

If you’re in the enviable position to think about constructing your own riding arena or wish to refurbish your existing arena, it can be difficult to know where to start. You’re likely to want an arena that offers the very best riding surface in all weathers, as well as being visually attractive. Here at Equestrian … Continued

Ménage Surface – Many Choices Available to you

If you are an avid equestrian, you will without doubt realise the necessity of choosing the right and safest mĂ©nage surface for all of your equestrian needs, as settling for the cheapest option, or one that isn’t tailored for the specific use, regularly presenting a false economy that could prove fatal and will likely need … Continued

The Importance of the Correct Horse Arena Construction

Many horse riders dream of having their own horse arena, as it’s something that will provide you with the freedom of riding whenever please, and can help to improve both you and your horse’s performance. In the equestrian world, horse arena construction is one of the biggest and most important investments you’ll make, so with … Continued