Equilevel™ with Lattice Roller

Equestrian Directs arena maintenance machinery has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of the modern fibre surfaces used in today’s market place. These surfaces require conditioning rather than aggressive levelling. We offer a choice of leveller sizes that range from 1.35 metre in width up to 2.70 metres in width. These machines are ideal for both domestic and commercial use. The 1.35m EquiLevel™ is ideal to use behind a small 4×4 or a 500cc quad bike. Adding the optional water tank and spray heads will also give added benefits to this piece of machinery.

EquiLevel™ makes surface maintenance quick and easy. One piece of equipment now replaces three. The cushion wheel protects your kicking boards whilst the track clearer pulls the surface into the leveller. Two rows of small tines condition the surface to your required depth, while the self levelling bar smooths over any uneven surface. The latticed roller then finishes the surface to your requirements.