Equitex™ Membranes & Adhesives

Equestrian Direct supply a wide range of woven and non-woven membranes, specifically for use in the construction of arenas and gallops.

Equestrian Directs’ knowledgeable team will advise you on the most suitable membrane for your arena. This will depend on type and intensity of use.

It is highly important that the membranes are laid with an overlap and even more so that the upper non-woven membrane is fastened together. As the arena is worked on the surface may shift and if the membrane is not fastened together, the surface will slip underneath the membrane resulting in the membrane lifting and moving.

Traditionally, the membrane has been fastened through the tedious processes of heat sealing or stitching. Equestrian Direct is proud to introduce their new membrane glue, extra strong glue that does the same job in minutes, eliminating the need for these methods and saving time and money.

Equitex™ Woven Membrane

It is recommended that a woven membrane is used beneath the drainage layer, on top of the subsoil, to reinforce and stabilise the ground works. This sub-base membrane keeps the base of your arena clean, free draining, dry and strong as frictional resistance is affected. The fabric prevents the stone from mixing with the softer ground beneath. Less aggregate is required and the maintenance is significantly reduced. The membrane also stops clay particles from mixing with other layers of the arena and therefore prevents contamination. It also improves compaction and load bearing capacity whilst ensuring long-term drainage performance.

Equitex™ Non-Woven Membrane

A non-woven membrane is required directly under the riding surface to prevent intermixing of the surface and the drainage layer, whilst allowing water to pass through into the drains, eliminating loss of surface and blocked drains. This sub surface membrane is a soft but strong sheet of polypropylene membrane, which comes in rolls of various sizes. It will not fray or unravel and is needle-punched, making it highly permeable, to allow water to drain through. EquiTex Non-Woven stabilises and strengthens the sub-layers beneath it, as well as assisting drainage. It eliminates rutting and unevenness, and also prevents mixing with the construction layers of sand/stone/etc.