TurffloatElite™ is a hard wearing fibrous binding agent, which aids rejuvenation to the surface and we believe it is the best binding fibre on the market today, with Richard Pitman among our customers.

TurffloatElite™ has a rubber crumb element which helps keep the moisture in the surface, allowing the surface to be a low maintenance surface. The fibres act as a binding agent which tightens a surface up.


  • Provides stability
  • Retains moisture
  • Rejuvenates existing surfaces
  • Frost resistant
  • Environmentally friendly
  • 100% wire free
  • Low maintenance
  • Allows horses to work on top and not through the surface

Installation & Use

TurffloatElite™ can be installed in two different ways.

  • TurffloatElite can either be laid on top of a sand base or the product can be rotivated in to the sand base. Another option is to add the product to an existing surface to help tighten up and revive the surface.
  • TurffloatElite can be rotivated in to a sand base with the EliteGel™ on top to bind the surface together.

Suitable For

TurffloatElite™ is suitable for all disciplines.