Equestrian Sand™

Silica sand is an ideal base for an additional surface topping. It is crucial to select the correct sand for successful horse riding surfaces. If the incorrect sand is used in the surfacing of arenas and gallops it can cause a very ‘deep’ ride and more often than not has to be removed and replaced. While cheaper sands may be available this may prove to be a false economy.

We have an extensive network of carefully selected sand quarries nationwide. This enables the equestrian sands to be sourced local to your site, keeping haulage costs to a minimum. All quotations will offer a minimum of two sands, which will provide you with the most cost effective equestrian quality silica sand solutions.

We offer two distinct categories of sand for ease of selection:

Equestrian Sand™

This range provides a firm, free-draining equine surface. The silica content in Equestrian Sand is far higher than normal sands which give better compaction and therefore provides a firmer ride than other sands. The particle sizes in Equestrian Sand have been carefully graded to ensure excellent drainage. Equestrian Sand is perfect for use with our Turffloat™, Flexiride® and Equiride™ equestrian rubber ranges.


Also available from Equestrian Direct is our Leisuresand range. This range is suited to arenas with low usage, where Equisilicasand may not be financially viable. It has different riding properties, in that it may ride softer and take longer to settle and so may require more maintenance. However, it is a popular choice among private users for whom a very firm riding surface is not so critical. Turffloat is the ideal product to use with Leisuresand especially for show jumping surfaces.

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