Flexiride™ is the all-in-one, all-weather surface from Equestrian Direct. We believe it to be the most economical and versatile synthetic surface available on the market to date. Flexiride can be used on top of sand, as a top-up for existing surfaces, or completely on its own - where it is most economical.

This versatile synthetic surface is ideal for most types of equestrian disciplines and is 100% guaranteed wire-free.

Suitable for most types of equestrian disciplines, Flexiride does not easily blow, rot or freeze.

Flexiride can be laid directly onto a simple drainage/stone layer, potentially giving huge cost and labour savings on groundwork drainage and membrane installations.

Flexiride is manufactured from industrial strength synthetic textile and polymer materials, carefully blended with cushioning foam, providing exceptional ‘cushioning’ qualities and a secure ride.


  • All-in-one all-weather surface
  • A high-performance solution to a traditional sand/rubber mix arena
  • Ideal as a ‘top-up’ for existing surfaces
  • Cost-effective and virtually maintenance-free
  • Exceptional cushioning qualities enhance athleticism and reduce the potential for injury
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Does not easily rot, blow or freeze
  • 100% wire-free

Installation & Use

Flexiride® is a versatile surface and can be installed in a variety of ways:

  • On top of sand as a rubber alternative, or to top-up an existing surface
  • Laid directly onto a drainage, stone layer - giving huge savings on the materials and labour involved in groundwork, drainage and membrane installation.
  • A minimal amount of sand can be added through the top as an option to create a firmer ride.
  • Flexiride Pro as at Solihull Riding Club is a complete Flexiride surface with sand, fibre and EliteGel™ added through the top

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    “We are lucky enough to have an all-weather Flexiride arena with Equitex-Drain System membrane from Equestrian Direct, which is a low cost drainage membrane that works fantastically on our land without the need for internal drainage ditches. The Flexiride surface has massively improved the durability of the original sand and rubber surface that we put it on top of, we can now work say 10 – 15 horses a day down the same grid without having to keep filling holes in on the take off and landings! I work full time for Butler Sherborn as head of the Equestrian Property Department as well as eventing a string of 8 horses so time is always an issue. My Flexiride surface needs minimal maintenance and does not freeze leaving more time I can spend with my horses, and I never have a problem riding before or after work.”

    - Ben Way – International Event Rider, Winner of the Laurence Rock Trophy 2015

    “We had our outdoor complete Flexiride surface installed in October 2011, the girls are very happy with the surface, no slipping or tripping from the horses and no bruises when they don’t quite get it right (snigger). As you know we laid the surface in mid-autumn and after an initial roll and harrow to level it I have only rolled and harrowed it 3 times since as it bedded in, have not done it since March. We were surprised that it was usable a -10 degree frost in the winter.”

    - Mark Godwin, Wiltshire

    “On using the surface for the last three years plus, it has not moved – hard use by many horses on flat and jumping work, wind does not blow it around, the sun doesn’t make it hot and smelly like rubber surfaces, rain does not make it soggy or wet or flooded, it does not freeze and even snow doesn’t stop you riding unless it is very deep – even then you can clear a path round the perimeter! Even now under the current conditions I know I can ride all my horses out whatever the roads and moors are like under these horrible wet conditions. I don’t have to rake it with the exception of just one worn spot, and if you don’t want to pick up all the poo during a working session on your own it does not matter! Very important point for busy riders.”

    - Juliet Edmunds, South Devon

    “The Flexiride surface is easy to maintain as well as us being able to use this surface throughout the winter as it rarely freezes. We added fibres to keep moisture in the surface which upgraded the surface and we are now jumping 300 horses on a course out there with very little maintenance between classes. The arena is used for all disciplines and enjoyed equally by all riders as it reduces impact and the risk of concussion!”

    - Solihull Riding Club, West Midlands